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Penny - the face and name of Penny and Hound. My inspiration from day one. My little sidekick....showing off her floral range of dog collars uk with matching flower - purchase from our online pet store!

Penny and Hound


Im Sammy - the owner of Penny and Hound - and the face behind your messages, the hands behind your products and smile behind my posts.  I have ran the business for over 6 years and thank you all for your continued custom and support! All dog collars UK and accessories are hand made by me - head over to the online pet store now for ideas.

Dog Collars
Dog Collars uk


This is Callum - my other half - he does my postage online, deals with customer queries when busy, helps with the website along with marketing for the business! He works full time but always finds the time to dig in where I need him - and for that I am forever grateful. He also helps put together dog collars where needed along with other bit and bobs. Penny and Hound - Dog Collars UK!


Ted at Penny and Hound wearing a Dog Collar and Bow Tie

Ted "Teddy Bear"

This is Ted - our new addition to the family.  He is literally Pennys best friend and we feel like he has been part of our pack for years now!  Having Ted has given our older Penny a new lease of life - along with keeping us on our toes!  This cheeky chappy would be lost without us, as we would be without him.  He ADORES toys, as to be expected.  We were told his breed was quiet and laid back - that couldn't be further from the truth.  This little fella is non stop from 07:00 until 23:59 daily with barks, farts and a love/obsession for his frizby! Welcome to the team, Ted!

Penny and Hound


Hi I’m Jade, the face behind Instagram. Mummy to Belle and Benji who you will see quite a lot on P&H Instagram page. I first fell in love with penny and hound when I was looking for a dog collar and nice bow for my birthday party back in 2018, since then BB (Belle and Benji) have built up quite a P&H wardrobe. I was over the moon when Sammy asked me to help with Instagram a little over a year ago and still enjoy running it and helping her on a daily basis. Belle and Benji couldn’t be anymore like Penny and Ted if we tried, Belle and Penny are like 2 peas in a pod and Benji and Teddy are. Through the love we have for our dogs I can say I now have a very good friend in Sammy as well as an even deeper love for all P&H products and all the effort that goes into making each product.



About us at Penny and Hound

Hello, and thanks for stopping by here at Penny and Hound, where we specialize in Handmade Dog Collars, Dog Leads, Dog Harness and Accessories with all of our dog collars and products made by hand exclusively in the UK.  We have been up and running for over 5 years due to your continued custom and support, something that I am forever grateful for.  I started off the business as Sparkles Dog treats back in 2014, originally doing customize dog bowls, walking bags, toys etc.  Unfortunately, this just didn't take off.  However - every cloud has a silver lining.  I did a market stall in Staffordshire, and whilst it wasn't as successful as i'd hoped, I did manage to purchase a sewing machine second hand for only £5.  That's where things took off.  I originally self taught using YouTube to make dog bandannas, then onto handmade Dog Collars.  From there, I just learnt and learnt, dedicated all of my time to other products, and here I am today doing Dog Leads, Harnesses and Dog Accessories like Bow Ties and Flower attachments.  I absolutely love what i do, and the name derives from my own Dog, Penny, as she is a beagle...hence the name "Penny and Hound"...... I put hours of effort into every order to ensure your expectations are met 100%.  I use a range of fabrics and buckle types and I constantly look to new ideas  to guarantee customer satisfaction. Orders do usually take 2-3 weeks unless specified in the clearance section, but this is only down to the fact I make to order - literally every section. I source my own fabrics and designs, buy in all the materials and hand make everything using my own sewing machine and hand tools to ensure every order is unique and has that element of love put into it.  Every order that comes through is hand made from scratch, and I pride myself on the work that I do.  Some may say its a bit "OTT", but I'm a perfectionist and like to ensure all Dog Collars, Dog Leads and Harnesses etc are the best they can be, prior to dispatch. Please, if you have any questions or requests, click on the "Contact Us" page and Ill endeavor to help out as best I can! Thanks for looking. Penny and Hound - dog collars UK, dog leads, dog harness and accessories - your online pet store.